Ear Nose and Throat Clinic. Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Suffolk ENT Surgeon. Herts Ear and Nose Consultant Surgeon. Bury St Edmunds ENT Consultant.
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To book an appointment please contact:

Private Secretary:
Jackie Jones

Tel/Fax: 01449 775400

Mobile: 07775 420961

Email: jackiejones1@btconnect.com




Mr Fahmy Fayez Fahmy DLO, FRCS (ORL-HNS) is a Consultant ENT (ear, nose and throat) Surgeon with private practices in Cambridge, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

For full details of all ear, nose and throat conditions Mr Fahmy treats please visit the "services provided" page.

Mr Fahmy is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Mr Fahmy also has membership with ENT UK, British Society of Otolaryngologists and European Rhinological Society.



Heart to Heart

Fahmy completed the London Marathon 2012 on 22nd April in 4 hours 33 minutes.
Total money raised for Chain of Hope charity was more than 18K which is the highest amount raised in a single sport event in the history of Chain of Hope. Maybe not the quickest but still a new record!

Games Maker 2012 National Olympic Committee Assistant





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